Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I use a professional makeup artist on my wedding day?

     It’s important that your makeup lasts all day, and possibly through to the early hours of the following morning and that it remains looking fresh throughout. The makeup I use has been selected due to its durability. The techniques used when applying the makeup also play a big part in its ‘staying power’.


  • How much experience do you have in bridal makeup?

    I have been in the beauty business for over 25 years.  Since 2007 I have concentrated predominantly on bridal make up, as this is where my passion truly lies.  I have undertaken training at The Cheshire School of Make Up, one to one training with Heather White at the Heather White School of Make Up, one to one training with Linda M Brown at the LMB Make Up Academy, London.  I have also attended various make up master classes/training with MAC, Bobbi Brown including one in Rome, Italy.

  • What product do you use?

    I predominantly use Bobbi Brown, Clarins and MAC along with other selected premium brands. For bases I tend to use Clarins Everlasting foundation as it really is as it says ‘Everlasting’, and it photographs really well.


  • What areas do you cover?

    I mainly work in and around Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland, and parts of Derbyshire and Lincolnshire. However, I have on occasions worked further afield including the Cotswolds and London, so distance doesn’t have to be an issue. Travel costs may apply though so please ask for details.


  • Do I have to have a trial?

    No, you don’t have to but it is highly recommended as you’ll then have a much better idea of how you’ll look on the actual day. Your wedding day will be one of the biggest days of your life so it’s important that you look your best and feel comfortable with your makeup.


  • Do I have to have everyone’s make up trialled?

    No, it’s not essential but if they’re a little unsure of the kind of look they’d like then it may be useful. Obviously it’s your ‘big day’, therefore it’s more important that you have a trial and feel happy with your makeup.


  • Where do the trials take place?

    I usually carry out the trials at my home in Wymondham, where I have a nice bright studio and access to my full range of makeup and tools. However, I can travel to a venue of your choice if necessary but travel costs may apply.


  • When should I have my trial?

    Ideally I would carry out the trial about six weeks prior to the wedding date. Sometimes this isn’t possible due to busy schedules or because it’s a late booking. I work seven days a week though (by appointment) so can be flexible on dates and times. However, the sooner it's booked in the better, even if it is well in advance, as I do get booked up.


  • How long is the trial and what happens?

    I usually take around two hours to carry out a trial on the bride and around one hour for any others i.e. mother of bride, bridesmaids. Before I start, we will discuss any ideas that you may have as to the look you would like to go for, along with possible colour themes etc. Feel free to bring any pictures you see where you like the makeup as I can gather some useful information from these. As I am also a fully trained beauty therapist, I will then assess your skin and maybe offer some skin care advice and possible products to use so that it’s in the best condition for the big day. This will also allow the makeup to sit better on the skin. I will then apply the makeup in stages, making sure you're happy with each and every aspect. If you are unhappy with anything please do tell me as I won't be offended. It's your makeup and your big day so you need to be happy with everything. Once you’re happy with the look I will make a note of all the products and colours I applied to use as a reference for the actual day if you decide to use my services. Please note, if you are booking Charlotte Wesson as your hairdresser, then it may be possible to carry out the hair and makeup trial at the same time.

  • Do I need to bring anything to the trial?

     Any pictures/photos where you like the look of the makeup would be helpful. I have a wide range of makeup but if you see a particular product you would like to try, please feel free to bring it along. Also, if possible, pictures and a colour swatch of the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses may be useful. If you want to bring your mum or a friend to the trial so they can give you their opinion that's fine too!

  • I am not sure what makeup look I want on my wedding day, can you help?

    Yes, of course. I will ask you what makeup you usually wear so I am aware of how much or how little makeup you are used to and what colours you prefer. I have some good bridal makeup books that we can also go through together. When doing a trial I quite often make up each eye differently to demonstrate different looks and colours e.g. smokey or more natural. It is really important to me to get it right for you and for you to feel totally happy with the final look. I’m happy to try various looks until you are completely satisfied.

  • I never wear makeup so I’m nervous about feeling and looking cake and too “made up”, is that a problem?

    No, not at all. I have had brides who wear very little or no makeup so totally understand that having your makeup done professionally can seem quite daunting. It’s especially useful to have a trial in this case so we can discuss any worries you may have, and I am happy to apply as much or as little makeup as you feel comfortable with. There is absolutely no obligation to let me do your make on your wedding day if you were to change your mind after the trial. The main thing is that you feel comfortable on your special day.
  • I have really bad acne/rosacea/scarring/blemishes on my face and I’m worried you won’t be able to hide them on the day?

    By using my carefully selected professional products, I can promise you that I can improve the appearance of these conditions by 100%. Please take a look at the 'Before and After' shots on my ‘Gallery’ page to see some examples of my work.

  • Have you worked with black and Asian skin before?

    Yes, I have experience with all with all skin types and tones and have a wide range of makeup to suit.

  • Do you have more than one wedding booked on any particular date?

    Only very occasionally do I have more than one wedding booked on the same day. However, this only happens if one bride is getting married during the morning and the other in the late afternoon. I always like to make sure I give myself plenty of time and that the bride doesn’t feel rushed on her special day.

  • Do you come to my home/venue on day of the wedding?

    Yes, I will come to the address of your choice on your actual wedding day. Travel costs may apply.

  • How many people's makeup can you do on the wedding day?

    I can do as many as time allows! If there is a large number in the bridal party that require their makeup doing please contact me to discuss further. Sometimes when there are lots of people requiring makeup and time is of the essence, I will arrange for another experienced professional makeup artist to help out.

  • How should I prepare for my big day?

    My advice would be to maintain a good skin care routine and get plenty of sleep prior to the wedding day. Don’t worry if you get the odd spot or blemish on the morning of the wedding as these can easily be covered. Make sure that you have something to eat before the ceremony as it could be a while before you sit down to eat and you don’t want to get ‘light headed’ or hear your tummy making rumbling sounds! Most importantly try to relax as it’s your day and you need to enjoy every moment.

  • On the day do I have my hair or makeup done first?

    If the hairdresser and I are there at the same time to get you ready, we will work it out between ourselves. It wouldn’t matter either way if the hair is done first or the makeup done first.

  • Will the makeup last all day?

    I have carefully selected the makeup I use for it’s longevity and durability. I use primers to hold the makeup in place and finishing powders as an extra measure to keep it looking perfect.

  • Will the makeup be ok if I cry?

    It is quite normal to get emotional on the big day. As well as the above, I also use a good waterproof mascara to avoid any smudging.

  • Will I need to touch up my makeup during the day?

    Normally you will only need to touch up your lip colour/product. I will supply you with a ‘touch up’ bag (included in the price) containing enough product to touch up your lips throughout your day and some ‘T-zone’ papers that are designed to ‘blot’ your makeup with if required.

  • What if you are ill on my wedding day?

    This has never happened to me before and I’d like to hope it would be highly unlikely. However, if it did, I would ask one of the other experienced professional makeup artists I know to take my place. If you have had a trial I would pass on all the notes I made about the products, colours and look you decided on so she would be fully aware of these.

  • I have a very limited budget so is it worth using a professional bridal makeup artist?

    Obviously you want to look and feel amazing on your wedding day so by using a professional makeup artist you can get a great look that lasts all day and into the night. Personally I feel you can really see the difference on the photographs too and those will be your reminders in years to come. Also it’s one less thing for you to worry about on the day! So yes, it's definitely worth it.

  • I’ve never booked a makeup artist before, what do I need to do and what happens next?

    Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements and ask any questions you may have. You can contact me via email, phone or the contact form on my website. If you decide you’d like to book my services for your wedding day, firstly check to make sure I’m available on your chosen date. If I am then a £75 deposit (non refundable) is required to secure my services on that date. I will then send you a booking form to fill in and send back to me. If you wish to have a trial it’s best to get the date booked in asap, even if it’s a long way off, as I do get booked up.

  • How do I go about paying for your services?

    The £75 deposit (non refundable) that is required to secure my services on your chosen wedding date can be paid either by cash, cheque, or bank transfer (details supplied on request). The balance is required at least seven days before the wedding day if paying by cheque/bank transfer or on the day of the wedding if paying by cash. If you decide to have a trial with me then you pay for that at the trial either by cash or cheque.

  • What happens if I need to cancel my booking with you?

    If you wish to cancel your wedding day booking with me that’s not a problem but please note the £75 deposit which secures my services on your wedding date is non refundable. If you wish to cancel a trial booking then please just give me as much notice as possible.

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