In My Kit


I get asked what products do I use and which brand is my favourite.  I cannot say that I have a particular favourite brand.  I use a variety of brands and I ‘cherry pick’ products that I prefer or that are known for their longevity. I also speak with the consultants at the make up counters and find out what is popular and what isn't and with other make up artist's to exchange tips.



'I am a MAC PRO member. It means that I get invited to attend master classes taught by top celebrity make up artists and receiving that extra edge advice from the industry's best.  It insures that I am using up to date products and application.  As a Bobbi Brown Pro, a members-only program, entitles me to special benefits and introduces me to new products as soon as they are available.


Airbase is the brand of airbrush make up that I use.  It is silicone based and contains vitamins A and E.'


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